Pill or Poison


The “You Can’t Outsmart Fentanyl” Campaign was born out of the real-life experiences of Colorado families whose college-aged kids died from fentanyl poisonings. The campaign aims to share information about the prevalence and risks of fentanyl and asks, “Is it worth it?” It also shares important information on the skills and knowledge needed to intervene in an emergency and save a life.

The “You Can’t Outsmart Fentanyl Campaign” is in honor of all the young lives needlessly cut short by the devastation of Fentanyl poisonings in Colorado and the rest of the United States. We seek to shed light on this crisis in an honest and relevant way by educating college students across Colorado.

This education campaign is part of a comprehensive plan for improved education, protocols and practices at colleges and universities on how to handle the threat of Fentanyl. Through this work we hope to spare other families the pain of losing a young adult to fentanyl poisoning.

We honor the lives of Madeline Globe, Miles Brundige, Ross Panning, and Andrew and Stephen Rivierre. Their parents have dedicated a year of their lives to share their childrens’ stories with college and university leaders across Colorado and have been deeply involved with the development of the checklist and campaign.
We are grateful to the generous donors and foundations that believe in and support our mission to save lives on college campuses across Colorado from fentanyl as well as all of the families in our Blue Rising Impacted Family group who have shared their pain to change policy in the hope of saving lives.

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Blue Rising Community is a Colorado-based 501(c)(3) that moves boldly and nimbly to create and implement policy and programmatic solutions that help families take back their power and use their voices to address the issues that limit opportunities and cut lives short like the Fentanyl crisis.

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Everyone can do something to save a life.

  • Stay informed
  • Share what you know
  • Spread the word on Social Media
  • Get trained on how to administer Naloxone
  • Be prepared to intervene
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